Laptop Repair in Bandra Mumbai @ 9219034908

Laptop repair service or laptop repair shop now looking for technician in Bandra Mumbai call our technician today on 92190 34908 our technician are available in all areas of bandra, bandra rizvi complex, bandra west, bandra bandstand, bandra In all areas of East Bandra West Bandra our technician will reach your area in 30 to 40 minutes our technician is capable to do any work whether it is software hardware or networking your laptop display is broken to replace the display If you want to change the display, then our technicians are very perfect, or if your laptop keyboard is damaged, whether you want to change the keyboard or reply to the keyboard, our technicians can do all the work and our technicians can repair your laptop battery. Have to do or replace, will do all the work whether to upgrade your laptop or to upgrade RAM in your laptop or to upgrade SSD or Hindi is broken which has to be replaced or laptop body is broken or Then if you want to install any kind of software in the laptop, then our technicians are perfect for all this work, whether your laptop is HP Dell Lenovo Acer Asus Apple or any kind of laptop and our price is very best. Price is very low to do any work so in this way you can call our technician for laptop repair service in Bandra Mumbai.

Do you want to repair your computer in Bandra or are you facing any kind of software, hardware or networking related problem in your computer, which you want to get repaired at your home or want to get repaired in the office, all our technicians We provide door step service for you and also provide home service whether you have to come to repair in office or at home our technician are capable to provide all kind of service whether you want to repair your laptop or your Whether it is Pali Hill area or Bandstand in Bandra, our technicians provide service by going to any type of area.

Laptop Keyboard Repair / Replacement in Bandra Mumbai

Is your laptop keyboard damaged or your laptop’s key is being pressed automatically or your laptop’s key is not working at all, then in this condition you can contact our technician to repair your laptop. Talk to and our technicians will be available in your nearest Bandra area to perform laptop repair service. Laptop keyboard replacement / change, laptop keyboard repair . Now let’s talk about the price of laptop keyboard in laptop keyboard replacement. You have to take care of two things, which keyboard is installed in your laptop, internal or external, if your keyboard is external, then its price can be from 750 to 1250, if your laptop has an internal keyboard, then it It can be from 1200 to 3500 it comes according to the model of all laptop company like hp, Dell, lenovo, Acer, asus, apple macbook so in this way you can change your laptop keyboard replacement call our technician in bandra Mumbai and our technician will provide you service.

Laptop Display / Screen Repair / Replacement in Bandra Mumbai.

Is the display screen of your laptop broken, is the lining coming on the display screen of your laptop, is the complete blank show happening on your laptop display screen, then for this problem, you can contact any of our technicians in your nearest area, Bandra Mumbai. You can call for your door step service home service all our technicians are perfect to repair and replace laptop display your laptop of any company like Dell HP Lenovo Acer Asus Macbook Apple all these of any company Yes, our technician can replace the screen of your laptop in door step service, we can do it, how much will it cost to change the display screen, let us understand that it costs from 3500 to 12500 thousand to change the display screen. It depends on the company of your laptop and depends on the model number of the laptop.

Laptop Battery Repair / Replacement in Bandra Mumbai.

Do you want to repair or replace the battery of your laptop in Bandra Mumbai, then to solve all these problems, you can call our technician for door step service or laptop repair service at home. You can triple shot or repair it, if your laptop battery is not repaired, then in that condition your laptop battery will be replaced. Now let’s know why the laptop battery is replaced if the battery in your laptop is Not giving backup at all, if you plug the charger of the laptop, then you can work on the laptop and as soon as you remove the charger, the laptop shuts down, in this condition it is necessary to repair or replace the laptop battery, let’s understand the laptop The price of the battery comes in two types, one original and one cranial force. In the original competition, there is a difference of 400 to 500. I am telling you an approximate price, it can be from 1800 to 5000 and its warranty ranges from 3 months. It can be up to 1 year on the model number of your laptop and on the company of the laptop, as HP dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus Apple Macbook is priced according to different model numbers of different companies.

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