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Service my pc Service is the best in Computer and Laptop repair Service in Borivali West. We deal in dell, hp, lenovo, acer repair and services Also hardware and software services with Networking Solutions.

We’ll always diagnose your machine without attaching any strings. Our experienced technicians have certified the industry and successfully repair tens of thousands of computers for end users, companies and government agencies. Service my pc will give you a free problem diagnosis and a recommended solution. Not all machines have to be repaired and you are not obliged to have us repair them. We repair all kinds of virus deletion to fix broken LCD screens. We offer certain types of repairs that can saves a lot through the “ normal “ method. For example, we repair Power Jack laptop rather than replacing the entire motherboard. We handle all types of Apple ,Toshiba, HP, Dell, Acer Laptops. We manage desktops, laptops, tablets and netbooks. Due to the large number of uses in the community, our Lenovo / IBM Thinkpad repairs are particularly well-known. Thousands of ThinkPad laptops have literally passed through our doors.

Laptop Keyboard Repair / Replacement Service in Borivali West Mumbai

Is your laptop keyboard damaged and you are looking for technician to repair laptop keyboard in Borivali West Mumbai then visit our website today and talk to our technician any type of laptop  If his keyboard is getting automatic press or any key is not working, then in this condition laptop keyboard is repaired and replaced, let’s talk about the price of laptop keyboard, if your laptop is normal, it is available in any  Kind of it doesn’t have any function like trackball backlight or gaming nothing like that then the price of your laptop keyboard can be from 700 to 1300 if your laptop has trackball or back let then in this condition  The price of your laptop can be from 1800 to 2500 and 28oo if your laptop is gaming then the price of your laptop keyboard can be from 2500 to 3200 so any kind of laptop  If yes, then call our technician and get laptop keyboard repaired and replaced. Our technician is available in all areas of Mumbai in Mumbai location.

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Laptop Display / Screen Repair / Replacement Service in Borivali West Mumbai

Is the display of your laptop damaged, is the lining coming in the display of your laptop, or is your display blank, absolutely white, are you looking for a technician to repair your laptop’s display?  Call on the given number 92190 34908 and tell our technician whatever problem you are facing with your laptop and get the work done by our technician.  Whether it is normal display, full HD or IPS panel, it is not possible to repair any kind of display, only and only display replacement is done, if your MacBook is HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, any company, then our  Technicians are experts in display installation, you can call our technician and get your work solved. Let us know about the laptop display installation cost.  It comes from ₹ 3000 to ₹ 3800 and comes with 3 months warranty, if you take it with 1 year warranty then ₹ 500 more increases and if you laptop display screen is full HD then in that condition your laptop display  The price will be ₹ 4200 to ₹ 4500 with 3 month warranty, if you want 1 year warranty in the same, then its price will increase by ₹ 300  more and let’s see the display of IPS panel laptop, if IPS panel is installed, then in that condition, the price of your laptop  The display will come, it comes from 5000 to 6000 and a half, with 3 months, if you take it with them, then your ₹ 500 more increases, then I think you have been told perfectly about the display, if there is any confusion, then you can call our number.  Call us otherwise watch the video you can see our expert work.

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Laptop Battery Repair / Replacement Service in Borivali West Mumbai

Do you want to repair your laptop’s battery, is your laptop’s battery damaged, backup is not giving anything, does your laptop shut down as soon as you disconnect the charger from your laptop, then let’s see the solution to all these problems.  Laptop battery cannot be repaired, it is only and only replaced. There are two types of batteries in laptops, one internal and external. External batteries used to come in all the old laptops and the batteries that are coming now are internal batteries.  We cannot remove it from outside, in which condition the battery is changed, if the battery backup has reduced in your laptop, do not remember at all, or you are using it by connecting the charger to your laptop, then now work on the laptop.  As soon as the charger is disconnected and the laptop shuts down certanly, then in all conditions the laptop battery is changed, it is replaced, now let’s try to understand the cost of replacing the laptop battery  The battery that comes with the laptop is also of different types, a comfortable battery and an original battery, which are made by different companies, the company to which your laptop belongs, it does not belong to that company and the original one.  The price of the battery of all laptops is of the same company, it is on its model number, the price of the battery of all laptops, as per the model number, it keeps going down according to the warranty, which comes from six months, so it will remain so forever.  Also you replace the battery then it is six month or 1 year keep this in mind then I think you got battle information.

Laptop Ram Upgrade / Replacement Service in Borivali West Mumbai

Do you want to upgrade the ram of your laptop, do you want to change or replace the ram of your laptop, then let us know about it, there are two types of ram, one for desktop and one for laptop.  What are ddr, ddr2 ram, ddr3 ram, ddr4 ram and now the latest one is going to come in ddr5 ram now in which laptops all this ram is used let’s understand about it Rams of DDR2 technology in very old laptops  Used to be used, after that technology changed and that ddr3 ram’s few normal laptops now have ddr3 ram and the latest laptops that are coming now use ddr4, so you have any laptop before upgrading it  Make sure to check that after seeing which run is installed in your laptop, you also have to check the MHz in it and how much the total ram supports in your laptop, its capacity also has to be checked to check all this.  I give you a link here, from here you can check its price, let’s talk about the price of all the accommodation, it is different and according to the capacity, for example, DDR2 comes in 2GB, not 4GB.  Let’s talk about DDR2 2GB RAM it comes between 500 to 700 and its warranty which comes from 1 to 3 years let’s talk about ddr3 comes 2GB comes 4GB comes 8GB comes  Everyone’s price is different, it will not be possible to tell you, yet I give you an overview, the price of ddr3 2GB can be from 550 to 750, let’s see ddr3 4GB from 1550 to 1800  May be up to ddr3 8gb let’s see from 2300 to 2700 may be now let’s talk about ddr4 comes with 4gb minimum ram 4gb comes from 1700 to ₹ 1900 and ddr4 8gb it will come to you 2700  It can range from ₹ 2900 and let’s talk about ddr4 8gb ram, it will come from 5500 to 6000, so I think you have given proper information about Ram, if there is any doubt or if you want to upgrade, then you  talk to our technician 9219034908.

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Laptop SSD Upgrade / Replacement Service in Borivali West Mumbai

Do you want to upgrade SSD in your laptop or computer, is the speed of your laptop low and you want to install SSD for it, then let’s understand that in your laptop or desktop, first you have to understand why you should change it.  Are you upgrading or why are you upgrading if your purpose is that I have to fast the system and your system is very old, then in this condition you have to use SATA SSD, it will also be installed in laptop.  And it will also be installed in desktop and whatever is your normal laptop, then m.2 comes in it, this SSD which is not available in all laptops and desktops, its slots are available, then it will be installed only if m.2 is installed in your laptop.  to slot is given, so you can put the one which comes on the third number, it comes in NVMe, its speed is the fastest, it does not come in all laptops and desktops, which come in the latest laptops and desktops, in that it is  Votes can be seen if your laptop or desktop is of the latest generation, then this post will be found in your laptop desktop and you can install or upgrade SSD in a very easy way in support, understand its price, it will be fast.  Because of this, its price is a bit high, you will get 128 GB SSD, you will get 900 to ₹ 1100 and on the other hand, if you take 256 GB, then you will get 1550 to 1900  rupees.  And if you take 500 GB ssd, then you get 3500 from to 5000. Let’s talk about the warranty of all of them, the warranty is different from different company, but the normal warranty that comes is 3 years.  It comes from to 5 years, if you face any problem in upgrading or installing it, then you can call our technician on 92190 34908, the technician’s contact number will go to your nearest home office shop.  Will visit and update after going there, I think I have given you proper information.

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Laptop Hard disk Repair / Replacement Service in Borivali West Mumbai

Is the hard disk of your computer damaged or is the sound of hard reset ticking of the computer or if you want to install or upgrade another hard disk in the computer, then understand how to do it, there are two types of  3.5 inch which work in desktop and 2.5 inch which works in laptop  Maybe if the speed in your computer has become very slow, earlier it was fast but now the speed has become slow, then it is getting hard somewhere or the sound of ticking is coming from the computer, very slow sound comes.  So even in this condition the hard disk is damaged, in this condition you can give hard disk for data recovery, you should not do practical at all and let’s know about the price of hard disk according to the capacity of hard disk.  The minimum which is 500 GB, I tell you that there is very little difference in the hard  disk of laptop and desktop, the price of 500 GB can be from 1500 to 1800 and the vaccine will cost you from 2800 to 3200.  May be if you have any problem related to data recovery then you can call our technician and solve whatever is there in your computer.

People also ask

How do I fix my keyboard keys?

How do I fix some keys on my laptop keyboard that are not working?  You can check by clicking on the link I am giving here to check. There are two reasons for failure of laptop, one if some update has come in your Windows and your Windows is pirated, then in that condition too.  Some of them work, some don’t work, and others that are related to hardware, we can solve what is related to software, but what is related to hardware is not correct.  In the condition you have to change the keyboard of the laptop and there is no solution, then I think you must have understood that what can you do if something is not working with your laptop.

How do I fix some keys on my laptop keyboard not working?

If any of the keyboard of any laptop is not working, then what can be done to make it work, first of all you check that which one is not working, this problem comes if the keyboard is overused.  We do that the tracks inside the keyboard are broken, because of this they do not work, if you are also facing such a problem in your laptop, then this is the solution, then you have to change the keyboard directly, if the condition is like this  It happens that the lock of the top button is broken and the rubber below it is being typed on pressing, whatever is done, then in that condition the lock can be fixed again and that you can do your work  Will be ready for it but if the lock is not broken and the key is still not working, then in this condition the key of your laptop will not be able to be repaired and the keyboard will be completely replaced. Talking about the price of the keyboard  Let’s take if your laptop is very basic, it neither has any backlight nor trackball, nor your laptop is gaming, then in this condition the keyboard replacement of your laptop will be 900 to 1100, 1300 different-  Different laptop models can have different rates in different states and if any such function like backlight trackball is available in your laptop, then in this condition the price of your laptop will be different from 1800 to 2300, 2500-  There can be different state’s accordion and if laptop is gaming then gaming can also have such rate of 2600 to 3200 then I think whatever information I have given to you you must have understood better

Is it cheaper to buy or repair a Laptop?

Is it cheaper to buy or repair a laptop, let’s know about it, it depends on what is the problem in your laptop, if there is some problem related to the motherboard in your laptop, you are consuming more money to repair it, then in that condition  Buying another laptop will be a better solution for you, don’t go for cheap and good looking, and if you want that my laptop is running but it is not suitable for your work, then in that condition  You can buy the laptop but there is some problem in your laptop like one key of the keyboard is being pressed or there is some minor problem, then you will repair the laptop in that condition, that will be the best and cheapest solution if you  I am not able to understand from this thing how to find out this problem then you visit our website or else you call on 9219034908 to talk to our technician and if you have all this  If you do not understand, then you can understand better by watching our video by visiting our YouTube channel service my pc, then I think you have got the proper solution, what can be better.

How much should I spend on a Laptop repair?

Let’s know how much should I spend to repair the laptop, if there is a small problem in your laptop, then you can spend at least like 500 to 700 in this way you can spend but in your laptop  If there is a big problem like related to the motherboard, then you should not spend money on repairing the laptop at all, now how do I know what is the problem with my laptop, understand that your laptop is having a keyboard problem and your normal laptop is gaming.  No, to repair it, you can spend from 1100 to 1300 or 1500 in this way, if your same laptop is for gaming, then the same price will increase from 2500 to 3000, depending on the laptop you have.  Which one is it and what is its model number? If your laptop is normal, then at least talk to two-three vendors as far as it is possible to repair it, and by extracting the rate from all, you spend the least amount.  Can spend does not mean that you give as much money as he is asking for, you talk to him that what is the problem in the laptop, if he says that some of your parts have gone bad, then you can also sell it on Amazon.  You can go and check, otherwise you can ask two to three vendors that how much this part will come, only ask if it will come, otherwise you can go and check the value of that part by searching directly in Google and the value  The one that is coming is fine but also check the warranty along with it, in this way you can get your laptop repaired in the least money, so I think you have been given the best solution to repair your laptop

Can laptop display be repaired?

Laptop display can be repaired, it is based on the model number of different laptops, if the lining of your laptop is blank and damaged, then in all these conditions, the laptop display cannot be repaired. It can be replaced, it is not possible to repair the laptop display, it is only replaced

How much does it cost to fix a detached laptop screen?

The cost of repairing the screen of your laptop comes from 4000 to 7500 thousand, it depends on which display is used in your laptop, normal, full HD or IPS panel and you have 1 year in it. If there is warranty or 3 months warranty, then considering all this, the price of laptop display is fixed, so if you want to change or replace the laptop display, then you should understand all this very well and then only later you change

Can laptop batteries be repaired?

Can the laptop battery be repaired? Has decreased or is not giving battery backup at all in your laptop, like you are using the laptop by charging it and as soon as you remove the charger from the laptop, the laptop turns off, then in this condition, we are using the laptop battery. Let’s change the battery of the laptop, which comes according to the model of all the laptops, if your laptop is of Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, any company, then the battery will come according to the different and different models of all the companies. It will remain that if you change it, then you can get it changed according to the model number of your model laptop.

What is the price to repair laptop battery?

IAS understands what will be the cost of repairing the laptop battery, if the battery in your laptop is damaged, damaged, not giving backup, then in this condition you have to replace the battery, it is not repaired and if your The battery in the laptop is internal and external, then you can change the internal yourself and get it changed with the help of an external technician, and if you are giving this very information to change the battery of your laptop, I come with two types of batteries. There is warranty of both a compatible battery and an original battery, which are according to the model number of different laptops, if your laptop has a normal similar laptop, let’s take the original battery for example, that 2500 is coming with 1 year warranty With same you will take comfortable battery then you can get it from 1700 to 1800 so I have told you an example so to change laptop battery first of all decide whether you have to take original or comfortable first This second, the battery used in your laptop is internal or external, so seeing both, you can change the battery of your laptop and its price depends on both, yet I will tell you an approx. All laptop batteries come in the range of 1200 to 3500 thousand.

Can I add more RAM to my laptop?

Can I install more RAM in my laptop, yes, but before installing it, you have to check how many RAM slots are there in your laptop, if your laptop has a single slot, then you cannot install it. Example I am telling you if your laptop has a slot of DDR3 RAM and it has 8GB RAM support capacity and 4GB RAM is installed in your laptop at present time, then in that condition you have to remove 4GB RAM and install it in 8GB single slot. You can upgrade by doing but if the friend has returned in your laptop and the rate capacity of your laptop is 16GB, then in this condition, taking out the 4GB of RAM in your laptop, 8GB in the first slot, 8GB in the second slot total 16GB you can install in your laptop then I think you must have understood properly

Can laptop keyboards be repaired?

Can laptop keyboard be repaired yes of course it can be done but you have to know perfectly what is the exit problem in your laptop keyboard if all the keys in your laptop keyboard are working properly and only its lock is broken  If the lock is broken, then the batter will remain that the lock which is broken is not lost and it can be fixed, it will be repaired if one key, two or 5 key or 10 key is not working properly in your laptop or any other  If the key is being pressed automatically, then in that condition the keyboard of the laptop is not repaired, it is a direct replacement, so I think you must have understood and its price is normal from 1100 to 1300.  The keyboards that come will be available if you have a backlight keyboard and a gaming laptop, then the price of your keyboard goes from 2500 to 3000, so I think you have understood properly.

How much dose it cost to fix a Laptop keyboard?

To know how much it costs to repair laptop keyboard, you have to find out which company and model your laptop is, what is the function if your laptop has trackball, back light.  If so, the price of that keyboard can be different in different states, the rate I am telling you is an average, it can be from 1300 to 1500, but if you have the same gaming laptop  So its rate can be from 2500 to 3000, 3200 according to different area, if you have normal laptop, there is no trackball in it, there is no light, it is simple, it is plain, then its price is from 900 to 1300.  It comes and the same if you have an old laptop and it is an external keyboard which is installed from above, then it also works in your 700, then it depends whether your laptop is internal keyboard or external keyboard is normal.  The backlight is the trackball, it is gaming, it all depends on the function, how much is the price of the keyboard of your laptop, then I think you must have understood the proper

How do I choose a Laptop repair Service?

how can i find out laptop repair service in my area to find out if you are in mumbai, thane, navi mumbai  you can contact us this is our website it has our contact number and about me  You will get complete information and our contact number is 9219034908. You can talk to our technician by calling this number, otherwise you can go to our YouTube channel Service My PC and watch all our videos, you will understand properly.  Will know that what is our way of working and way of providing service, it is a matter of Mumbai, if you are outside Mumbai then how will you find out, you will type laptop repair service near me in google and you will see as many forms as the name of the company.  Coming to his website, his review and talking to him, you will come to know and you will search him on YouTube, whether he has a YouTube channel or not, if there is a YouTube channel, then watch his videos, how he is working and the comments in the video.  Yes, go and read that after doing this work, the suggestion he is giving, how much better the public is feeling, then I think that in the way I have told you that you are the best technician for your laptop repair service in your area.  How to select then this method is very perfect

Can a Laptop computer be repaired?

Let us know that laptop computer can be repaired, yes, it can be done, it is possible, what is the problem with the laptop and how much is the cost if your laptop is facing some motherboard related problem and its price is  If it is going above 10000 to 15000, then you do not repair, it will be repaired, it will be changed, but do not do it, and if you have a computer, then you can do it in the computer, because the parts of the computer are perfect and different in it.  If you get different warranty from different company, then I think you must have understood that laptop and computer can be repaired or not.

How can I fix my laptop display?

Let us know about how you can fix the display of your laptop, if there is any kind of damage in your laptop or the lining is coming or a blank show is happening, then in this condition, replace the display of your laptop. If you have to do it, from where will you do it and how will you apply it? In the video of the website and on our YouTube channel, I have given the link in the website, from where to purchase, you can purchase from your nearest market, but if you have technical knowledge, then yes you do all this otherwise your money will be wasted then i think you got proper information.

How much it will cost for laptop display?

To know how much the display of the laptop will cost, you have to know the display of the laptop, the display of the laptop comes in three types, Normal Display, Full HD Display, IPS Display Panel, all three also come in 3 months warranty and 1 year It also comes in warranty, it comes in both types of displays in all laptops, 3 months warranty and 1 year warranty, let’s talk about its price, whatever the model number of the laptop is, it is totally confirmed that how much its price is. Will happen if you are taking display of any model and it is 3 month warranty then it will come cheap and if it is 1 year warranty then it will come in this is first condition and second condition if your normal display is 3 month warranty So it will come cheap and if it is 1 year warranty then it will be expensive but if it is your HD display it is 3 month warranty then it will come expensive than normal display, the cheapest one is normal display then full HD display After that there is an IPS panel, so all the laptops come from the model number, so I think you must have understood the proper how much it will cost to change the display of the laptop.

How do I get my laptop battery to work again?

If your laptop battery is getting discharged very quickly and is getting charged very quickly, then in this condition you should get your laptop battery replaced or changed. It comes of two types, an internal and external external battery, which comes out from outside, you can change it yourself at home, but the internal battery, which is changed only by opening the laptop, if you have technical knowledge If not, then get it changed with the help of an expert technician. The main reason for changing is that your laptop is not giving battery backup at all, so get it changed.

Can laptop battery life be restored?

Can the laptop battery life be restored? So it will be better that the more your laptop’s battery is getting confused, then you should first check if your laptop is not slow, if it is slow, then upgrade it to SSD or upgrade it again, this will increase the life of your laptop’s battery. If it will be 5 to 8 times more than before, then I think you must have come to know the perfect.

Can I add 8GB RAM to 4GB laptop?

What is it, can I install 8GB RAM in 4GB laptop? Yes, before installing, you have to check how much RAM is supported in the laptop. In that condition, you can remove 4GB and install 8GB RAM, it will run properly, but if you have 2 shots in your laptop, then in that condition 4GB is already installed in the first slot and another 4GB RAM can be installed in the second slot. Total will install 8GB RAM in your laptop it is your choice you can do it in single shot also you can upgrade from double shot it is your choice.


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