Can my laptop be repaired?

Can my laptop be repaired?

Can my laptop be repaired Yes your laptop can be repaired but there are some conditions keeping in mind that we tell you when it is right to repair your laptop and when it is not if there is something small in your laptop – Fat issue like keyboard is damaged or any key of keyboard is damaged or speaker is damaged webcam is damaged display is broken battery is damaged or charger is damaged In all this condition you can repair your laptop and it will be hundred percent but if any major issue comes in your laptop related to motherboard like your laptop is not turning on then it is due to overheating. It is shutting down and showed it at two or three places but still the same issue is coming from the battery itself, the charge is correct but still your charging is not happening or your laptop is very old and your If he is trying to reduce it, then in all these conditions, do not get the laptop repaired, it will be better that you buy another laptop from any store near you and do not repair this laptop.

Laptop Keyboard Repair Replacement

If the keyboard of your laptop is damaged, then you can get your laptop keyboard repaired in this condition. You can call our technician to get it repaired. Our service is in Mumbai and available in all areas of Mumbai. Hai hamara jo number hai 9219 034 908 Laptop mein mostly ko keyboard issue hota hai ki kya hai kya hai, repeated pressing of any key, which keeps on getting automatically pressed, if any key is repeatedly pressed in your laptop If it is, then it is necessary to replace or repair your keyboard. If you are pressing the key of your laptop and it is being pressed but the type is not being displayed on the display, then this is another type of problem. This condition In me also your laptop’s keyboard is bad, the third type of condition is that your keyboard will not reduce at all, if you press any key, it will not reduce, then this type of issue is coming in your keyboard or in the laptop. If the issue is coming then call our technician and get it repaired and replaced properly.

Laptop Display Repair Replacement

Why Laptop Display Repair and Replacement is done, understand IAS if any kind of display damage is done in your laptop, it is broken or the display has become blank white or the lining is coming in the display. So in this condition the display of your laptop is replaced, the display of any laptop is not repaired, it is only replaced, how much does it cost to replace the laptop display, it comes from ₹ 3000 to ₹ 8000. How many types are there in the laptop? The display of the laptop display is of three types, there is a normal display, the identity of this display is that it comes in very old laptops and the size of the display is very thick, the second number display, this display is very thin. And it is in HD panel, normal all the laptops are coming, HD display is used in all, IPS panel display comes, this display is used in very expensive laptops and most of the replacement of this display Money is spent, let’s talk about the display of the laptop, there are two types of display, there is a display of three months, there is a display of one.

Laptop Display Repair
Laptop Speakers Repair

Laptop speaker repair replacement

Why laptop speaker repair and replacement is done, understand it if there is no sound coming from your laptop or the sound is very slow or the sound of your laptop is coming quickly or Then the sound is coming with more bass or your voice is coming with more jingle, then if any such problem is coming in your laptop, then definitely your laptop speaker is damaged, laptop speaker is not repaired. There are, it can be replaced directly, if there is any problem related to the speaker in your laptop, then you get the speaker replaced, I also tell the condition of the replacement, warranty comes in some testing warranty and in some – There is a warranty of 3 months in any and talk about its price, these speakers come from 700 to ₹ 2000, then you must have understood that if your laptop is having some issue related to sound, then that speaker is bad. It is done

Laptop Webcam Repair Replacement

Laptop webcam repair replacement The work of the webcam in the laptop is that we make video calls, then helping us in calling the video, clicking the photo, we do all this with the help of the webcam in the laptop, if you have a video recording photo or any other way in your laptop If the issue is coming in recording or video calling, then you can get your laptop’s webcom repaired or replaced. The web game of all laptops in laptops comes according to different model numbers, let’s talk about its price. Laptop’s webcam comes from 8 years to ₹ 2500 and understand about its warranty, some model’s testing warranty comes and some model’s 3 months warranty comes if your laptop’s webcam is not found If you have a yes webcam, you can do it, yes webcam will also come in your budget and gives more clarity than laptop camera, let’s talk about its price, it comes from thousand rupees to 5000 to 10000 rupees.

Laptop Webcam Repair replacement
Laptop Battery Repair Replacement

Laptop Battery Repair Replacement

Laptop Battery Repair Replacement If you have to repair or replace the battery in your laptop, then let’s understand why this problem comes, what is the solution if your laptop battery is getting charged or discharged very quickly. In this condition, the battery of your laptop has been damaged, you can replace it, the battery of the laptop is never repaired, it is replaced only and only if the battery of your laptop has become such that after putting the charger in the laptop It is only getting on and working with the charger then it is working and as soon as you remove the charger the laptop turns off then in this condition also the battery of the laptop is damaged sometimes it happens that the laptop The battery which is not charged even after putting it for a long time is only one percent, two percent, 10 percent and after removing it, it turns off after 2-4 5 minutes, so all these are the problems of the laptop. All these come only after the problem of the battery, now the latest laptops that come, the internal battery is used, if the internal battery is bad then your laptop will show charging but your laptop will not turn on, even in this condition the battery of the laptop It is bad, understand its price, its price ranges from two and a half thousand rupees to ₹ 6000, the way the model number of the laptop is, in that way it is priced, let’s talk about its warranty, it is from 6 months to 1 lasts for years

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